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Charles Bingham started producing delicious fresh spreads and potted meats way back in 1914. Even though our recipes are over 100 years old, Binghams Potted Meats and Spreads are still tasty and filling, perfect as a snack on a cracker, in a sandwich or as a topping for a jacket potato.


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The start of something fresh - Binghams Potted Beef and Spreads are born!

Our story starts way back in 1893, with the birth of Charles Bingham in Heeley, Sheffield. By the early 1900’s Charles and his brother Walter started trading yeast and meat ‘pedalling’ their wares locally on their push bikes. In 1914 Charles began producing and selling the first Binghams Beef Spread from his home in Sheffield, Yorkshire and these recipes continue to be used by the Binghams business to this day.

By the 1930’s the business had become so successful Charles was able to construct a purpose built factory in Western Road, Sheffield, which is still the home of the Binghams brand, known and loved in Sheffield for generations.





Binghams do it Best!

The Binghams small team are passionate about delivering the best tasting Potted Meats and Spreads to our fabulous customers.

Whether it’s:
Our Butchers who hand trim the finest cuts of the best British beef and pork, which we use in our Potted Meats and Spreads.

Our Cooks who ensure that the meat is slowly steam cooked to concentrate the meaty flavours and is only cooked in small batches. So they can guarantee that every product tastes as good as the last.

Our Technical Team who say ‘No to Offal!’ - unlike some potted meat producers we NEVER add offal to any of our recipes.

Each and every Binghams pot is carefully checked and hand packed before it’s put on the van to be delivered out to you our valued customers.